Manorial Guild | Roll of Arms

The committee of the Manorial Guild are pleased to present the Coat of Arms of:

Cheong Ming Lam FRAS FSA Scot LCGI

Cheong Ming Lam, Lord of the Manor of Pinner, Essex

Registered: The Manorial Guild Roll of Arms Register, 11th April 2013. Registration No. 0009. (Lordship & Barony Register).

Arms: Argent two oak trees with roots exposed , bearing leaves and in chief three mullets Azure.

Crest: A lion rampant standing erect with forepaws raised, the lion stand on only one hind leg, braced wide apart with the other raised to strike.

Motto: Nec Timeo Vincere ( He who fears not, Shall win.)

Private Registration: The United States Heradic Registry, 15th June 2009.

Private Registration: Russian College of Heraldry, 17th March 2010.

Private Registration: The International Register of Arms, 29th March 2013. Registration No. 0253 (Vol.2).

The Armiger: Cheong Ming Lam is a Security Specialist in the Aviation Industry. He gives advice to airport operators, related business, as well as members of the general public. He also has a wide range of knowledge in airport operations and has worked in some of the major airports in the UK. He has been a contributor in projects to help tighten and improve security at UK airports.

He has received the City and Guild's Recognition Senior Award in Management. He has a great interest in world history as well as natural history, so hence he is a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland and the Royal Asiatic Society He is also a member of the British Association for the Advancement of Science. The armiger is a huge supporter of the Eye Hospital in Jerusalem as well as the British Red Cross and was awarded the President's Challenge Gold Award.

He has always been interested in the City of London's history and traditions and hopes that one day London will be the Business Center of Europe. He has received the Freedom of the City of London, Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Basket Makers, a Member of the Guild of Freeman, a Juror of the Court Leet of Guildable Manor of Southwark.

He was granted the noble title of Datu Sadja from HM Muedzul-Lail Tan Kiram, the 35th Sultan of Sulu and Sabah (North Borneo) a subnational monarchy within the Philippines.

Due to his other work, he was commissioned as an Honorary Aide-De-Camp and Colonel and received the Medal of Distinction from the Governor of Kentucky as well as a Honorary Lt Colonel of Alabama from the Governor of Alabama for his service and contribution to the global community.

He is a Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Intare (Lion) of Rwanda awarded by HM King Kigeli V of Rwanda with the honorific style of His Excellency (H.E.) for his service and contribution to the people of Rwanda and to the King Kigeli V Foundation.

A Knight Grand Cross of Justice of the Royal Confraternity of Sao Teotonio
A Knight Commander of the Royal Order of Saint Michael of the Wing
A Companion of the Royal and Hashemite Order of the Pearl of Sulu
A Commander of the Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam, and a Companion of the Military and Hospitaller Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem.

The Armiger: Cheong Ming Lam, FRAS FSA Scot LCGI, holds the titles of: Feudal Lord of the Manors of Pinner or Pinner’s Green or Pyenest, Essex.

Meaning of the armigers Coat of Arms: The Arms of the Lord of the Manor of Pinner represents their family name origins, Which dates back to the Shang Dynasty in China. The first person with the surname Lam was born in a forest between 2 trees in the evening

The 3 stars means night time and the Lion rampant standing erect on one leg represents the rank as Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of the Intare of Rwanda, Intare means Lion which the armiger is a member and the blue is the armiger favourite colour.